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Married for a Cause Full Documentary

Documentary about an interfaith couple who got married and took an oath not to have their own children to educate slum kids in India.

Director(s) : Harish Devnani and Jarna Virani Devnani Length : 00:26:17 Format : 1080P

Audio : English

Jitu & Rehana - a Hindu-Muslim couple live in a town called Rajkot in western India. They defied their families, put aside religious differences and got married during a very turbulent time.

In an Indian wedding, the bride and the groom take seven vows but they took eight vows; the eighth was not to have their own children. In India, where 99% of the time, the sole purpose of getting married is procreation, this was a very bold decision.

The reason?

Every eighth urban child in India lives in slums.

Urban poverty forces almost 12 per cent of Indian children between the ages of 5 and 14 into labor.

Most will never hold a book or see the inside of a school.

Jitu-Rehana got married to challenge the system and change this.

They got 'Married for a cause'!

The two started alone, educating five children with less than 100 dollars in their pocket but today they educate and proudly call themselves 'Parents of a 1000 children'.

Their constant effort in the past eleven years has not only given an opportunity of education to 100s of slum children, but has also brought positive benefits like family planning, de-addiction, self respect etc. to their families.

Jitu-Rehana's dream is to start a vocational university where slum children can learn crafts that will help them get good jobs, become self-reliant and get their families out of the slums.


Selection & Screenings :

Film Festival (Official Selection) : Navi Mumbai Internation Film Festival 2014, Internation Film Festival of Thrissur (2014), Rolling Frames - Short Film Festival Summit (Bangalore-2014), International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala 2014 and Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival, Arizona, USA 2014.


Technical Credit List:

Producer : The Pixel Saga Studios

Director(s) : Harish Devnani & Jarna Virani Devanani

Cinematography & Editing/Compositing : Harish Devnani

Music & Background score : Shubhra Talegaonker

Song Lyrics : Pratibha Talegaonker

Singer : Gaurav Goswami

Sound & Audio (ambiance) : Harish Devnani & Jarna Virani Devanani

Script : Harish Devnani & Jarna Virani Devanani

English Dubbing : Fattechand Virani & Jarna Virani Devnani

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