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These 5 Videos on Thunder & Lightning Can Save your Life!

It is said that the monsoon is the "real finance minister of India." Indeed the rain brings the promise of good crops and prosperity but if proper precautions are not taken, thunder and lightning can be life-threatening. Lightning strikes to humans are uncommon but can cause devastating injuries. Mortality due to lightning is estimated to be 0.2–1.7 deaths per million people per year worldwide.

In this video, learn how to give first aid & primary care to a lightning struck victim while waiting for professional medical attention. This can save their life.

“In India more than 70% people get killed by lightning when they take shelter below a tree during rain.” Watch this video to know what to do if you get caught outside and can't find an enclosed shelter.

No place outdoors is safe from lightning. If yo hear thunder, lightning is close enough to strike you. So the most important thing to remember to stay safe from lightning is this simple saying: ‘When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors'.

Much of what we think we know about lightning is fiction. During a thunderstorm, it is best to take shelter in a house, other structure or a hard-topped, fully enclosed vehicle. But if one of these options are not available to you, your safety and well being may depend on knowing the difference between these lightning myths and the facts to keep you and your loved ones safe in a thunderstorm.

Lightning strikes present weather-related medical emergencies. Lightning strikes in humans are an uncommon but potentially devastating cause of injury. A person who has been struck by lightning may experience an immediate cardiac arrest, or sometimes may present no outward signs of an injury. People who have experienced a lightning strike may also experience longer term issues. So it is important to know the signs and symptoms of lightning injuries to help the victims recover properly.

So enjoy the rain but also take care and precautions to remain safe.

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