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बदल तू अपनी सोच | Change the way you think  film is made to sensitize, particularly about the problems that women face when they have to defecate outside. Women generally are not the key decision makers and so if the men understand what they have to go through because of open defecation, there might be more toilets built.

The core message remains same as that of Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan films in which Vidya Balan spreads message of importance of toilets in rural area. However, this films deviates from targeting women and attempts to bring the focus back on men. The film emphasizes that men needs to change their attitude and practice so as to bring changes in the lives of women and that of the family.


The experience of film-making involved pre-production visits to NGO like Safai Vidyalay which works extensively for the cause of sanitation, Villages to meet various community members - families of various castes, and economic class, men and women, government officials, etc. The experience was an educational one in itself for the filmmakers and other team members. Series of consultations were held within team members to zero-down a script as the toilet issue is a complex multi-layers problem. We took help of security staff, who are from uttar Pradesh, to fine-tune the Hindi which is used in the film. Once the script was locked, casting was next important issue.


All the actors are non-professionals. They are students and staff of IIPHG, joggers who visit IIPHG campus, ngos staff, and relatives of the team members. It was indeed a hands-on learning experience in process of film-making for these people. The process enhanced their perception of rural realities as well and touched their hearts in more than one ways. For example, the heroine of the film is an MPH student who hails from tribal state of Chattisgarh. Having first-hand exposure to rural realities, she readily accepted to act in the film as the cause was close to her heart. She feels proud in sharing the product now to her folks back in remote rural parts of Chhatisgarh. Similarly, other student couple, who hails from remote rural areas of Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh also felt their involvement in the film as important contribution to the cause of improved sanitation.


We are hopeful that the film and its message reach out to many and contribute to the change in terms of empowerment of women and that of Clean India Mission. blog by Mayur Trivedi

Badal Tu Apni Soch - Change the way you think

Production photos


A film by THE PIXEL SAGA STUDIOS | Screenplay, Direction,  Cinematography, Editing & Vfx - HARISH DEVNANI                  Cast: Meet Joshi, Harsha Meet Joshi, Harsha Tamrakar, Vijay Panchdhane, Mamta Mulchandani, Omprakash Gupta, Urmila Gupta, Chandrashekhar Bopche, Renuka Chaihan, Alok Chauhan, Baby, Anuj      

Script  - JARNA and Harish |  Music, Sound design & mixing - Shrey Kotecha (0dbstudios, Rajkot)

| Song 'Badal Tu Apni Soch' - Lyrics: Harish Devnani and Mayur Trivedi. Song Composed by Harish Devnani.

Singer: Rajiv m. Shrimali | Special thanks to Bhupat bhai, Saurav bhai, Pandey ji, Dilip bhai and People of lilapur village, Ahmedabad|Big thanks to the team and students of IIPH, Gandhinagar.


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